Compiling Gutter Voices #1: The Timeline

As we approach the launch of Issue 3 we think it would be interesting (and hope you agree) to provide an insight into the process we have for compiling an issue of Gutter Voices. This will be a series of posts shedding light on what goes on behind the scenes. This first post will focus on the timeline we follow for putting an issue together.

As this is a part-time endeavour, the timeline needs to be flexible around day jobs and real life occurrences, but the below is what we strive to follow.

Gutter Voices Issue 1 launched on March 15th 2020 and we release an issue every two months. It seems like a while between issues from the outside but the moment we launch one issue we’ve started into the next one. Here is the general rundown of a Gutter Voices issue:

  • On the 15th when an issue launches, we open our submissions for the next issue.
  • On the 20th of the following month, submissions close (approx. 25 days before the release date).
  • 2 weeks are taken to read all submissions. We decide on all pieces before we contact anyone with an outcome.
  • 1 evening is used to contact each individual with the outcome of their submission.
  • 1 day is set aside to compile the base level of the issue – we layout the pieces in the preferred order.
  • Over the next few days we work on the additional features, Q&A for the Featured Writer and any other features we are including. This is also when we do the cover.
  • On the 14th, we finalise the issue and prepare it for release.
  • On the 15th, we publish the issue on our website and send it to our dedicated email list who receive each issue directly to their inbox (to join this, email us with ‘Email List’ as your subject line).
  • On the 15th, submissions open again.

It is a quick moving process from the close of submissions to the release date, especially as there is often some back and forth between us and the contributors. Once we release the issue we sit back for a few days and relax, enjoying watching the views rise, then we start monitoring and organising the inbox, replying to emails and preparing for the next issue.

We hope you’ve found this little glimpse into the Gutter Voices process interesting. In our instalment of this blog series we will be showcasing the rationale behind how we choose what to accept and what to reject. Stay tuned!

Check out our latest release on the left to read some amazing Black voices.

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