Landmark: First Patreon Supporter

We very recently launched our Patreon page ( and have subsequently received our first supporter through it with the talented and brilliant Jean C!

Jean has taken on our base package which costs €2 – the cost of a chocolate bar or poor cup of coffee – and for that she will forever have recognition on our website and in all future articles as a supporter of Gutter Voices.

For the full supporter options, check out the Patreon page. Benefits range from acknowledgement to behind the scenes content, featuring in special sections of Gutter Voices and critiques & feedback on your own writing.

Our Patreon model is pretty straightforward. We believe in paying people for their work. 75% of received funds will go towards our contributors, competitions and future events. 25% will go to the creators of Gutter Voices. With this model we will be able to pay our contributors with the generosity of our supporters while maintaining the free accessibility of Gutter Voices itself. The magazine will never have a price.

For that reason we would like to thank anyone who chooses to support us but stress that nobody should feel obliged to do so. You will have full access to all Gutter Voices issues regardless of your Patreon participation which is simply a way to enhance your experience and support new voices.

As we have already had multiple issues, our focus with any funds received will be to back-pay previous contributors and play catch up. We hope that we will be able to build up enough support to pay all contributors past and new. We are operating on a simple model of €15 per poem or fiction piece in Gutter Voices.

So, if you’d like to support Gutter Voices, please firstly continue to read and share our issues. Join our email list to receive them straight to your inbox. Submit to issues. Email us with any feedback or questions you have. Follow us on Twitter (@guttervoices) and participate in the community. If, and only if, you are in a position where you can support us financially, we would be grateful to receive it, but most of all: Keep Reading & Keep Writing.

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